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About Us

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Personalized Approach

East London Sound services is run by Valerio Cerini, a London based freelance sound recordist with 14 years experience in the industry.

With a background in music production/recording and audio post production, my experience will let me have the right approach to any recording environment and situation.

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Expertise and Professionalism 

I always strive to give the best possible service when hired on a production. A wide selection of location sound equipment is at your disposal with any booking and I will help you tailor the sound kit to ensure the smoothest workflow is achieved and your budget is met.

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Drama, Tv and Commercials

Originally from Rome, I have a EU passport and currently reside in London.

Documentary sound kit and cart based drama sound kit available, alongside access to a pool of experienced sound assistants and sound utility crew members.

Car available on request.

All wireless kit is operated with an Ofcom PMSE licence.

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